Ongoing Projects

Individual Network Berlin e.V.

The Individual Network Berlin e.V. (IN-Berlin) is a non-commertial ISP which is operating since 1990.

I am board member of IN-Berlin organisation since 2002 and contributing in the management of the core networking, uplink and virtualization infrastructure

Kiez & Kneipe Kreuzberg

Kiez & Kneipe Kreuzberg is a monthly regional newspaper I am regularly contributing for.

Past Projects


DES-SERT is the DES Simple and Extensible Routing-Framework for Testbeds that is realized as user space library and can be used to implement proactive, reactive, and hybrid routing protocols.

The original version of DES-SERT was developed by me during my master thesis. DES-SERT is now managed and is further developed by the Distributed Embedded Systems group at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin and has also been included in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.