Philipp S. Tiesel: Open Source Projects

Socket Intents Framework

Socket Intents augment the socket interface to enable the application to express what it knows about its communication patterns and preferences. This information can then be used by our proactive policies to choose the appropriate interface, tune the network parameters, or even combine multiple interfaces.

This framework implements a prototype of Socket Intents and enables applications to use them. Socket Intents do not provide any guarantee of any specific kind of service – They are strictly best-effort.

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Data Transfer Simulator

The Data Transfer Simulator is a heap-based discrete event simulator. It was built as part of the Socket Intents project to evaluate the benefits of seamlessly using multiple interfaces and scheduling requests according tor our polices

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libDES-SERT (concluded)

DES-SERT is the DES Simple and Extensible Routing-Framework for Testbeds – A userspace library to implement proactive, reactive, and hybrid mesh routing protocols.

DES-SERT enables the implementation of routing protocols on top of Ethernet via an underlay (Layer 2.5) in user space. It introduces an abstraction from OS specific issues and provides functionality and data structures to implement proactive, reactive, and hybrid routing protocols. While generally usable in many application scenarios, it was primarily intended to be used in DES-Mesh (, the multi-transceiver wireless mesh network testbed part of the DES-Testbed.

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